We work hard to provide the very best consultation services. Whether for individuals, teams, or organizations, each of our core offerings are centered around our belief that every person possesses the power to RISE:



What can we learn from the past?

What do we want to continue doing?

What could we do differently?

What can we control?



What is "our why?"

What are we passionate about?

What motivates us to be the best we can be?



What programs do we need to create or enhance to better serve our constituents?

What skills do we need to develop to achieve our goals?

What tools do we need to add to our toolbox?

Who can we ask for help?



How can we maintain our confidence regardless of the outcome?

How can we build resilience in the face of challenges?

How can we become our own best coach?

Our goal is not to make individuals and organizations dependent on our services—but rather to empower them with the knowledge and tools to:


1) Reach within to access and build on strengths

2) Reach out to the right people who can help enhance areas that need improvement

3) Add tools to their tool box that empower them to achieve their biggest goals


Self-actualization—an individual’s ability to maximize his or her potential—is the core philosophy our processes hinge on. Within all of our products and services, we integrate research-driven tactics with a focus on human needs and unique characteristics of both individuals and groups in which they participate.

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Team Aureus® offers a 30-minute video or phone consult to assess your situation and determine what’s best for your success—whether that’s our services or recommending outside resources.

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The journey to empowerment starts with reaching out.