Program Development

Team Aureus™ acts as an accelerator in the effectiveness of your program and its success.

We believe that an effectively developed, well-run program changes lives for the better. A healthy program impacts individuals, organizations, and communities in ways that are both meaningful and profitable.


By having the necessary structure in place, your program will develop a consistent rhythm that enables it to thrive. We’ll also help you determine the best markers of success within your unique program and how best to monitor them. This is a critical step to ensure program effectiveness, and we’ve found that commitment to executing routine assessment is a primary driver of a healthy, successful program.


From sports organizations to large-scale, corporate settings and non-profit groups, we offer customized services to fit your program needs.

Browse the below list of Adult & Youth programs to get an idea of our capabilities.


Adult Development Programs


Team Building
Your team is a machine made up of uniquely talented individuals. Learn how to empower each person to RISE to their highest level of performance, and bring their talent to the table.


Developing Optimal Environments
for Learning & Performance
Champions grow in the right environment. Learn how to create them.


Empowering Employees
An empowered workforce under character-driven leadership is an unstoppable machine.


Volunteer Empowerment
Empower your staff with tools to prevent compassion fatigue and find continual joy in giving back.


Golden Skills for Empowerment™

Leadership training that provides women with the tools they need to find their own inner gold and RISE above the unique challenges faced in sports, business, and life.


Effective Communication
& Providing Feedback
Learn the art of diplomacy as it relates to empowerment and leadership.


Build Well, Lead Well:
Executing Blueprints for Effective Teams
Leaders are often forced into the role of both "architect" and "construction manager." Learn how to plan and build your dream team.


Creating A Championship Culture
The "champion mindset" is an intangible power within individuals and organizations. Learn how to find it and keep it thriving.


Rudy Duran Junior Golf
Coach Certification
Learn how to coach juniors from Tiger Woods' first coach.


Training for Coaches (for various sports)
Learn the building blocks for effective coaching, and nurturing healthy competition in young athletes.


Program Design & Development for Collegiate Sports Teams
Learn how to create programs that cultivate the physical, mental, and emotional health of student athletes.


Character Education
A simple, yet comprehensive, training program for creating safe and effective learning environments, building mentoring relationships, and seamlessly delivering sport skills and life skills.

Youth Development Programs

Sports & Character
Education Program

Program design, enhancement, and/or curriculum development that integrates life skills and character education seamlessly into program activities.

Leadership for Girls

Addresses the unique tools that girls and women need to be successful.

Parent Education

We work with parents to help create optimal learning and performing environments for their kids.

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