The Aureus Mindset

Team Aureus® is as much a mindset as it is an organization.


“Aureus” is a Latin word that literally translates as “golden,” which is defined as “having a high degree of excellence.” So to have an “Aureus mindset” is to focus on achieving excellence.

Our Mission

Empowering Individuals & Teams

Our mission is to deliver customized educational products and services that empower individuals and teams to maximize their performance in sports, business, and life.

We believe that within every person is the power to RISE and achieve their own gold standard of performance.

That’s where Team Aureus® comes in. We act as facilitators of success by educating individuals and teams in the art of how to access their inner power, create optimal learning environments, and increase the probability they will perform at their highest ability.

Ultimately, we’re driven by our desire to provide the best service, products, and resources for our clients because we know that the better we do our job, the better our clients’ lives become and the more able they are to positively impact others in their community.

Our Values

Serve others with EXCELLENCE—establish and maintain a standard of excellence in every way.

Conduct business with INTEGRITY—act with honesty, transparency, and consistency.

Engage others with LOYALTY—demonstrate faithfulness to commitments, obligations, and clients.

Appreciate DIVERSITY—ensure the inclusion of different ideas and people, and seek opportunities to serve disadvantaged and under-served groups.

Create opportunities for FUN—enjoy and appreciate each day with everyone we serve.

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