Team Aureus® offers a 30-minute video or phone consult to assess your needs and determine what’s best for your success—whether that’s our coaching services, programs and products or recommending outside resources.

The 30-minutes is exploratory to understand your challenges, goals and gaps to determine how Team Aureus® can assist you, your team or your organization.

Why do we prefer video consultations rather than phone calls?


We get this question a lot. There are a few important reasons…


  • Your time is valuable. We believe we can make the most of your session by talking face-to-face... or as close to face-to-face as technology will allow.
  • We want you to know that we’re fully engaged with you. We’re not answering emails while talking on the phone, or sitting in our PJ’s with the television running in the background. With a video consultation, you know you’re getting our undivided attention.
  • Our goal is always to connect before we consult. We try to add a personal touch to our services whenever possible. There are unique benefits to interacting with someone across video, as opposed to a phone call. We believe it helps us get to know you better. That enables us to better understand your needs and deliver better coaching services and programs to address them.

If a phone call is more convenient for you, we will gladly schedule that as well.


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We customize all keynotes to meet the needs of your team or organization.

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